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English Baby Cards Golden

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The learning cards in English language for early childhood development are based on Dr. Glenn Doman’s method and a similar method of Pr. Makado Shichida.Dr. Glenn Doman is a globally recognized scientist and doctor who first developed the leading method of teaching reading for children. With a use of special flashcards, children can start learning reading the words from 6 months old. A classic Doman’s method contains paper flashcards and works as follows: a child is showed the cards with words written on white background in big red font and every word is being pronounced clearly. The length of such exercise depends on the individual qualities of a child and can last only several seconds in the beginning. It is recommended to repeat the exercise several times a day. The frequency and length of exercises are selected individually. Internet is full of many interactive videos, demonstrating the impressive results, such as 1,5-2 years old babies pronounce and show the meaning of the written words. Little elder children are even capable of reading the complete sentences!
Learning process with a use of application is available in two modes. First is a “text” mode which is very similar to the classic method and where the flashcards with words (on white background and in red font) are written on the screen and demonstrated to the child. The second mode called “images” where there are images of things on white background with definitions written below. In either mode a card can be skipped to the next manually and each one is pronounced by a narrator. Some cards with images of animals for instance contain additional sounds they produce. By pressing a button you can hear the sounds of animals, birds, insects and etc.
Application “Doman’s Cards” includes:
592 cards voiced by the professional narrator 680 quality images Several view options of the image for one card35 themesSounds produced by animals, birds, insects and musical instrumentsText and image modesSlideshow modeSpeed settings of the slideshow modeFunction of random order of the images Kid mode (“back” button and the setting buttons are disabled)Creation and review of the individual sets of cards Color and font size settings
We will be happy to receive your feedback, wishes and suggestions related to the further development of this program.